Zachary Covell



Zach is diligently producing captivating content across various media to craft a dynamic reel, which includes short films, fight choreography, and original writing. With a keen eye for storytelling and a flair for the dramatic, he is determined to showcase his range and depth as a performer.


Zachary has just graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Performance, with a minor in Filmmaking, at Florida Southern College. He now lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He has worked on both television and film sets, and hopes to continue expanding his reel.


Zachary is originally from Massachusetts, but moved to Florida in middle school. His first year of high school he really fell in love with the Sunshine State's stunning beaches, bountiful fishing, and this is when he began to be involved with academic and local theater.



Ironically, acting wasn't always Zachary's first choice. In fact, it was only after his mother convinced him to audition for a play that he discovered his love for the craft. Looking back, he fondly remembers their quarrels on the subject. Fast-forward eight years, and his mother's intuition proved to be right: Zachary developed a deep passion for acting. Now, he has amassed a collection of work across film and live theater, showcasing his talent and versatility as a performer.

"We become what we consistently do. Therefore, excellence is a habit rather than an act."



Zachary has always loved comedy. During quarantine, Zachary saw an opportunity to improve his skills and started studying improv online using free trials, YouTube videos, and by watching countless episodes of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Upon returning to college, he quickly established himself as a talented comedian and improvisational actor. After getting into the campus improv comedy troupe 'Studio Box' the beginning of his Sophomore year, Zachary proudly served as the Vice President of Studio Box his senior year, where he played an integral role in casting shows, teaching and leading rehearsals, and regularly performing in and hosting shows. Go Mocs, Go Box!